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Happy to announce the publication of my new book of poetry, This Crazy Devotion.  Big thanks to Broadstone Books, who will publish this  August, 2020.  

I will LOVE to read from the book in a room (if possible) or on Zoom.  Please feel free to contact me through this website or termanp1@gmail.com if interested!


This Crazy Devotion now available for Pre-Order: http://broadstonebooks.com/Philip_Terman.html

Traveling between Li Po and Chagall, between Aleppo and Pennsylvania, Philip Terman wants only one thing. What is it? He wants to grab each person he meets and shout: stay awake. Which is to say: Terman wants to share with us the ecstatics of our moment. 

     And at the heart of it all is what, exactly? 

     I find here deep emotion. Such as in the elegies for the poet's mother, which are memorable, and heart-breaking, and very real. 

And around them go the devotions: between hospice patient wanting to write poetry and Larry Levis the grandmaster poet whose work continues to speak long after death. For devotions are in each of our moments, as these moments themselves become speech of days between parents and children, between Depression streets of Jewish Cleveland and Heaven.

     These are moving, beautiful poems from the writer who knows how to live the days with his whole self, and how to put such days into words.


--Ilya Kaminsky, author of Deaf Republic

This Crazy Devotion front cover (from Br

Philip Terman’s poetry is suffused with love—for his wife and daughters, for their garden and the creatures who share their land, for his parents and grandparents and his Jewish heritage, for prisoners and refugees, for the gifted and the grieving. To write of such matters, he tells us, he must temporarily withdraw into solitude, “so that I can meditate on our lives / and frame something beautiful.” There is abundant beauty here, as much in the framing of these stirring poems as in the earthy, mystical matters of which he writes.


Scott Russell Sanders, author of Earth Works