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I provide services that can assist in a writer's creative writing endeavors.  I work primarily with poetry and the creative nonfiction essay, tailoring feedback to the needs and goals of each participant.  I'll provide editorial and critical feedback that facilitates the writer's specific level of  experience--from the beginning to more advanced writer, from individual pieces to full-length manuscripts. Combining careful and close feedback with in-depth conversations about each work, our sessions will include recommendations of model readings (both creative and genre-based essays).  Our sessions can take place in-person or on Zoom.     

We'll begin with a 'get acquainted' initial session and have a conversation about a writing sample of work for each of us to determine if we wish to work together further.  If so, we can meet as often as the participant writer wishes, from one session to a semester's worth (or more). My goal is to connect with writers to help develop their strength at all levels of the writing experience.

To find out more, please don't hesitate to email me: 


"Phil’s coaching has has an immediate and tangible impact on my writing practice. Our discussions have helped with generating new poems as well as revising past work. "  Patricia Thrushart, author of many books of poetry and nonfiction

"I've worked with Phil on two poetry collections, including my newest book, Journey Bread. Phil is the perfect "second set of poetic eyes" whose own work I greatly admire and whose opinion I trust. He has the rare ability to step aside and focus his own poetic intelligence on supporting another poet's sensibility and vision. He has an unerring ear, an intuitive sense of the heart of a poem, an immense familiarity with poetic forms and styles, and an invaluable willingness to say what is not working (as well as what is). 


--Ruth Thompson, author of “Journey Bread” (2024), Quickwater Oracles, Whale Fall & Black Sage, Crazing, Woman With Crows, and Here Along Cazenovia Creek.



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